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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Politics - Cruz versus Trump

Politics again?  Why, yes!  This week we do a quick glimpse on the positions of the Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Both men tow the party line well:  They agree on Second Amendment Rights, Border Control, and Veteran Affairs.  On both of the sites below, marketing their agendas, there is a lack of issues that the Democrats have, such as: Equal Pay, Women's Rights, and multiple positions that Clinton and Sanders have covered in detail on their sites.  Ted Cruz has a Senator site, where he goes into greater detail about his plans for the country, but Trump seems to lack substance in his agenda.  Cruz has at least a Senate seat, and Trump has never held public office or even served in the military.  You don't have to have been in the military to be an effective Commander-in Chief, but you should at least have served the public in some capacity.

Each gentleman has a distinct difference in their delivery and rhetoric.  Cruz is calmer than Trump, who seems to incite his "fans/supporters," always yelling and not saying anything of quality in his words.  Anyone can make broad statements, but Cruz is more detailed - even more than Trump, on his Senate site.  These two men are very similar.  Just like Clinton and Sanders are similar, but they should be if they are in the same party.

As stated before, in a previous blog, I am a registered Dem, but if I had to choose between the two GOP candidates, I'd have to say Cruz would get my vote.  Trump can't bully Congress like he does people in business.  Politics is a whole different animal.

I'm curious ... If Hillary Clinton had been married three times, with children by each man, been on a reality show, filed for bankruptcy three times, and left each man for the other man ... Would she be considered a viable candidate?  Think on that!

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