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Friday, April 29, 2016


I am so lucky.  I have a couple of second Moms, but the one that's known me the longest is Darlene, my stepmom.  She's been in my life since I was four.  We've been through a lot together: the deaths of my father, mother, grandparents, and many on her side as well.  She has always tried to be a good mom to me and my sister, Kelli, even though she claims she didn't always know what she was doing, she helped shape us who we are.  She has no idea how much she has made an indelible mark on us.  She is an amazing inspiration.

She has run marathons, half marathons, and 5 and 10ks.  In her 50s and 60s!  She quit smoking years ago, got her weight off, and has always encouraged me, even when I've made mistakes.  Her way of counseling me is comforting, honest, and always makes me feel better when I have to have support for a number of things.

She still walks up to 3 miles a day AND goes to the gym after that on most days.  I am walking most days, so I can keep up with her this summer, and she is 20 years older than I am.  She encourages my writing, and don't worry Dar, I will have the book finished by August!  I've been fortunate to have her, and I know she can never be replaced.  Happy Birthday, my friend, confidante, and mom!

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